Disc Brake Front Ends

Independent Disc Brake Front end

Looking for that smooth and easy steering of a modern car?

Our independent disc brake front end system offers a sleek and comfortable ride which can be easy adjusted to suit the height of the vehicle, with good suspension absorption and easy to steer with power steering rack and pinion or standard steering rack.

The independent front ends are manufactured in our workshop and are fitted with all new braking, shock absorber and steering components, and are ready to bolt into your vehicle.

This front end system is commercially rated, meaning it can be installed in both Hot Rods and Pick Ups of all year models that have a complete chassis. The front end is also a bolt in set up for easier installation.

Fully engineered and approved for use in all states in Australia wide.

Independent Front end systems can be purchased as a ready to install kit or can be installed to your car in our workshop.

Independent Disc Brake Front end kits are made to order and priced from $3750. Get a price now

What’s included in the kit:

–          Complete front end with all new Ford Falcon AUII disc and callipers, brake lines and fittings, shock absorbers, bushes and rubbers, bolts and fasteners.

–          Machined track arms with mounting brackets, bushes and fasteners.

–          Reconditioned falcon power steering rack and pinion or standard rack.

–          Boxing plates, crush tubes, bolts and fasteners for installation to chassis.

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